RightSites aims at simplicity for better results

K.I.S.S. is the best philosophy for readable websites

Our design philosophy is 100% K.I.S.S.

(Keep It Simple, Stupid)

  • Visitors to your website aren't looking for anything complex, or smart, or impressive in a site.
  • They want service, products, or information, as easily read on a smartphone as on a desktop. it is as simple as that.
  • Our job is to keep your site simple, make it easy to find, make it look authoritative and make it work.
  • We will weed out any bad spelling, improve grammar, draw your readers in and vastly increase your site's ability to give you great results.

What you can gain from us:

Web marketing advice . . .

Gain the benefit of my extensive experience in marketing in the real world over the last 40 years. I have been a webaholic for almost as long as the internet has been around, transposing my real-world experience into the relatively new medium, but always conscious of what works best offline.

A website that is a selling tool . . .

Our aim is to build for you a beautiful looking website.  But . . . we are not nerds or software enthusiasts interested in seeing the latest and the greatest - We are experienced marketers and salespeople, only interested in what works, what brings results and what gives you the best return.

Good copy writing is a valuable addition to your website

Copy Writing . . .

Tell us what you want, the elements you need to cover, the tone you would like to project, and we will write the copy. We will happily revamp your own work (see Check your English, below) or even research and write or re-write manuals, charging by the hour or for a set fee.

Site Building . . .

Tell us your aims, likes and dislikes and you will gain a cost-effective site you will be proud of - reflecting your business in the right light, gaining measurable and profitable results.

Check your English . . .

Bad English, grammar or spelling, can make you look plain dumb!  It's the quickest way to turn off possible buyers. They don't blame your webmaster, they blame you!   We will advise your webmaster of the mistakes and how they can be corrected.

Site overhaul . . .

Ask for suggestions on an overhaul of your present website. As well as many years of marketing experience and a comprehensive background in page design and typography, I have access to literally millions of effective illustrations. Ask for a quote.