We analyse your marketing and recommend changes from an unbiased perspective

Online Integration are happy to give your business a checkup

When was the last time you went to a doctor for an overall checkup? If you haven't done so, do it now. You'll come away (a) happy in the knowledge that you are totally fit, or (b) happy knowing that your immediate future can be fixed by doing the right thing.

Calling in the Online Integration doctor is just as enlightening. No matter how much experience you have in conventional and/or online marketing and sales, it pays to contract us to analyse your situation. It costs very little to discover the best way to gain from online promotion in what can be a confusing scene.


Online Integration is the second opinion your business needs

Have you the time or unbiased perspective to do all of this? Really? A fresh set of eyes can make a huge difference, or else confirm you are doing everything right.

The market is often confusing because it is often dominated by self-interested parties, each operating only in their own area of expertise. They usually work without consideration for other fields that could give their client (that's you) a better foothold in modern company promotion.

What do we do to help you? It's pretty simple really. We look at everything you are doing to market your business, its products and its service. We approach it from a digital perspective, with years of experience behind us in conventional (old-fashioned) advertising and a complete appreciation of many different types of digital promotion.

Then we give you a written report on (a) how you can do it better, and (b) why our recommendations would work. It usually takes about a couple of hours all up and can make a huge difference to your peace of mind.