Our in-house graphics lower costs and help maintain your site theme

Good graphics can make or break your website

Good graphics are important for a good website

At this stage in the development of the internet, we are all fortunate in having an excellent range of good suppliers who are at last asking the most important question there is, which is "what do our clients need?"

No longer do you have to commission a photographer to spend hours, or even days, covering your company's activities and trying to illustrate its strengths. Firms like Adobe - long known in the online industry for its concentration on graphics art software, like Photoshop - have now entered the field of stock images, with literally millions of photos available, each of which can be bought at a price low enough to guarantee their popularity.

And they haven't stopped with photos. They also have available absolutely top quality artwork and are now moving into supplying videos, keeping up with the demands of our rapidly expanding industry.

Aussie Online logo

Logo design

Your company’s image starts with its logo and expands to every aspect of your business. The logo design needs to appeal to your audience in a way that is functional, professional and that is easily recogniseable.

It should provide an instant connection to the products and services that you offer, and you need an excellent graphic design to forge that kind of connection. Our charges are relatively small but a great investment in your future marketing

Adobe logo

Graphics sourcing

Our favourite supplier is Adobe, a firm that is big enough to represent many of the already established stock image suppliers throughout the world, bringing them all under one banner and saving users a huge amount of time.

The web industry is no different to any other in as much as time is money and the more time we save the more value we can give in other areas. However, although we have standardised on Adobe as a supplier, we often reach out to other stock houses if we need something which is different.

Keep it simple, stupid

Keep it simple

One distinct advantage our graphic designers have is that they have heaps of experience in designing for print media yet have successfully adapted over the years to the web. Print media is vastly different from the Internet.

With print you have hard and fast boundaries whereas on the web you are actually designing for change. They have found that they have to respect the medium and the most successful way to do this is to keep everything as simple as possible.

Technology is changing and graphics are no exception

Modern technology brings constant change

The change in our industry is mind-blowing. Equipment like the linotype shown here on the right, which was the centre of operations in any newspaper or magazine only a couple of decades ago, has been bodily thrust aside by computers.

Even newspaper and magazine printing presses are already going the way of the dinosaur, as are newspapers themselves. Websites and the Internet in general have assumed responsibility for the world's communication.

With the entry into communications of so many untrained people, each armed with a computer, their new perspectives and informal thinking are really refreshing, but it's no wonder there is so much confusion!

We feel that RightSite's job is to help remove that confusion by producing easy-to-understand sites that enable our clients to sell. Good graphics are one of our weapons.

Good graphics will:

  • Sell your brand: Think of CocaCola as one iconic instance. Having the right graphics such as a good logo design, helps to draw attention to your company and makes it stand out. Over time this attracts new customers, continually building your brand.
  • Increase conversions: The more user-friendly and usable your site is, the easier it is for users to interact with it and the more likely they are to buy.
  • Communicate your marketing message effectively, and set you apart from the competition: Good design appeals to visitors, giving them insight into your business and identifying you as an industry-leader.

Graphic design pitfalls:

  • Poor graphic design can cause visitors to hit the back button. Clean, sharp images, and an orderly layout will hold their interest. Be sure to avoid cluttered copy and irrelevant images, and avoid putting the right image in an obviously wrong place.
  • Don't overuse images; only use those that are relevant to your content. You want to make sure that the web pages load quickly, and large image files can slow it down. Visitors are more likely to abandon slow-loading web pages.
  • Always remember that your website is a visual reflection of your business, and good graphics can evoke the right response, and create a lasting impression.

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